Mix it Up Mix Pt. 1 & 2

Its been a while but we are back with Jump off ... Time to get right in it. No more days off, we are kicking it up from here on out. We are going to struggle through this together. I know I have been slacking but so much has been going on. Granted that is no excuse. I wouldn't except that from you so you shouldn't accept it from me. I have been randomly working out but it has been consistent and that is the real ISSUE here. I am back on it and I wont ever leave you again. So Lets Go !!!




In this video we are going to be doing Knee to Elbow, Step backs/kick forward, Alternate Sumo Crunch, Squat with Side Punch. Lets Go!!!







In this video we are going to be doing Squats with leg lift twist, cross body toe touch, side bends, chairs pose twist. Time to get started. 

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