Core Pt. 1&2

Summer is literally right around the corner. The first day of summer is June 21st. Yea, summer is about to start. So we are going to be kick it up several notches. KICK IT UP. We are not playing any games. We are going to really getting it in and kicking up the count of reps. OPERATIONS SEXY is 100% full effect.



We are getting it in with our core workouts this month. We are doing our V Ups and crunches. We are kicking our crunches up with adding a little leg and then finishing off with a side plank. The time for games is over. Summer is upon us. 





Back to the CORE!!! We are not playing games this time around. We are starting with a simple flutter kick that has a big impact. Then we are really getting interactive with our core with some bicycle crunches and leg pull ins. We finish it all up with my personal FAV ... Russian Twist. Lets GO!!!

Laura CurryComment