Its Workout Time

I know that we have taken some time off. But we are back at it. And we are going stronger than ever. Summer is almost here so its time to kick it in OVER DRIVE. We are beyond kicking it up a notch. I want to be ready to hit the beach when the time comes and I don't want feel like a beached whale when I'm playing in the sand. 

So we are in this together. I am kicking it up just like you. I am out of breath just like you. But we are going to make it. So lets get back in the swing of things .... LETS GO!!!





Time to get our workout on. And one thing that we have been neglecting is our good ol lady lumps. It is time to get our all the way in shape. We are going to put that booty to WORK. We are going to be doing some lunges, squats, and sumo squats. But it doesn't stop there. We end the work out with some side kicks and front leg raises. Yea we will be in pain but it will be so worth it.






Working out just isnt the same when you don't a chance to workout your arms. You have to welcome people to the show. So lets get the weights and work them arms out. We are starting with some one arm rows, then seated tricep dips and shoulder presses. Lastly some tricep pulls downs. Oh yea toned arms are in season.

Laura CurryComment