Tight Tummy

As we get in shape for summer, the most important part is making sure that our tummy area is in order. Whether you like wearing a sexy one piece or you are sporting a tinnie winnie bikini, we are going to fit and in shape, Lets Get started .... 






We are getting our midsections in order with some simple Knee to Elbows, Flutter Kicks, Leg raises and last but not least Leg pull ins. Its always a good idea to add something new to the mix. This time around we are adding Leg pulls ins. This is a big of a challenge but the pay off will be over the top and you will love it. 










We are kicking it all the way and challenging ourselves with some mountain climber. We are also getting our midsections in order with some scissor kicks and bicycle crunches. And lets not forget my my fav Russian twist. When you get down and to it, your body will be sore but you will thank me in the morning, 



Laura CurryComment