Tight Arms

We have really been getting it this past couple of weeks. We haven't been taking any days off and getting this WERK in. But it has really been about core. Yes, core is important because we are trying to sport a two piece. We need to remember that the core isn't the only part of the body. We have to paying attention to our legs, arms, and glutes. First on the Fitness To Do List is ARMS. Let get to WERK !!! 

In this series of videos, we will be doing this a little different. We will be knocking out the workouts straight through. No breaks no interruptions, No rest for the weary. I will show you the moves that we are doing and then we will knock out 1 set of 10 for each exercise. Different but effective. 





We are getting our arms in ORDER. To start we will be doing some Tricep Kickback, followed byt Bicep Curls, Push Press, and then finishing it off with Hammer Curls. We will be doing 1 set of 10 for each exercise and taking a small break before going into the next round. Lets Go !!. 






To continue with our amazing pace we are back at with arms. And because our new style seems to be pretty effective we are kicking it up a notch with some more arm exercises. We will stat with some Lateral raises, followed by front raises and bend over laterals and finishing it off with some shoulder presses. 1 set of 10 in each round and we are doing 3 rounds. LET GO !!!

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