Basic Home Workouts

We all know that as an adult time is a serious issue. There is never enough time to get everything thing that we want done in the day. Between work and errands, making that extra stop the gym seems next to impossible some days. And lets not even talk about having to actually remember to pack the gym bag and get it to the car in the first place. I have had to go back home on more than one occasion because I left my gym clothes. 

So to help out, in this weeks video series, I have some simple workouts that you can do right in the comfort of your own home. You don't have to worry about packing a bag, dealing with traffic, or even waiting for a machine. All of the workout are quick and simple and will get you RESULTS. 

As usual, I start you off with one set of ten. This way you can see how to properly get the exercise move done. You are more than welcome to do more if you please and have the time. These can be done in the morning, afternoon, or night. Hey you can do them all day if you please. Enough Talk ... Lets get to it



In this video we will be doing some knee to elbow high planks, push up donkey kicks, sumo squat jumps and leg lifts on our side. All of these exercises will help to get that booty in order, nice and round and no more sagging 





In this video we are getting them legs right. No more cellulite over here. We will be doing some side lunges, front lungs, bridges and holding a sumo squat for 30 seconds. 






This video is a two part core video. In the first video we will doing some bicycle crunches, high plank (extending our opposite arm and legs), crunches with our legs up, and holding a superman pose for 30 seconds. 





In the second core video we are getting down with it. We will be doing leg extensions, my fave russian twist, traditional crunches, and lastly some flutter kicks. 





As always, make sure to take your time when doing these workouts. There is no rush so work at your own pace. Make sure to have some water handy. And REST as you need it. 

What other workouts can you think of to do at home?

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