Melt the Muffin Top with a side of Yoga

There is nothing better than looking good in your favorite outfit. I have some many outfits that I TOTALLY love but I cant wear right now. I'm gonna blame it on the weather, but we both know the truth. This STUPID MUFFIN TOP. It has plagued my life for sometime now but I am giving it an eviction notice. That's right its time to go. We are going to get rid of it one way or another. So Lets Get started. 






We are melting away the muffin top in a few simple workout moves. First we will be doing some forward lunges kicked up a notch by adding a twist. Then we will do some squats adding some oblique twist (cause its all about the zero muffin top). Now its time to get the weighs out so we can do some side dumbbell raises and some bicep curls. 










To change up the Game - Lets get your YOGA on. Keeping it simple our first time out the gate, we start in table to focus on our breathing. We then go into downward dog for a breath and while kicking our leg up we bring it to the front of us to transition into runner pose. Then we lower our back knee and raise our arms, twist our core and bring your arms down in prayer. Lower your front leg and bow. Come back up in runners pose while putting one hand on the mat and the other in the air. Lastly, bring your front leg down on the mat in pigeon pose. 

Laura CurryComment