Combination Moves Workout

I know I have been missing in action for some time now. Things have gotten beyond crazy and when you add the Holidays, you just get lost in the sauce. Granted there is no excuse so you have my apologizes.

Now, even though I have been missing, I still have been working out and trying to keep my belly from blocking the view. And while I have been keeping it together, I have come up with some amazing exercises to share with you all. And to kick things off, let’s get into our first COMBINATION MOVES workout video !!!

In this video we will being exercises that combing dual motion. It sounds a lot harder than it really it. We will be doing squats with high kicks to keep the legs in shape. We will being doing lunges with shoulder presses, to make sure we get the arms moving. And we will be doing side lunges with weighted rows, to make sure both our upper and lower half stay RIGHT !!! LETS GO!!

Let’s start to set some Fitness Goals for the New Year!! What will you be focusing on this January??

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