Working on the Bottom

Its no secret that we have been out of touch for some time now. With summer vacation being all that it was, complete and total fun!!!. Getting back into the grove of things wasn’t as easy as I thought. And not to mention, the holidays are upon us. So it makes focus so much harder than it needs to be. BUT we will not let that knock us off course any longer. We are back in business and ready to GO!!

In this video we will be doing some wonderful SUMO VARIATIONS.  We will be taking care of our lower half by do some classic sumo squats, then we will kick it up a notch by adding some arms. So we will do sumo squats and add punches to it. And then we will knick it up even higher by adding knees. So lastly, we will do sumo squats with a knee to elbow. Lets Get It !!!

In this video we will be get our lower half all the way in order. We will do some squats with a curtsy. Keeping it real cute. Then we are keeping with the motion and doing some traditional lunges. And rounding out our workouts with toe taps (these keep the booty in shape, ROUND)

Laura CurryComment