Day 9: Set an Intention

Setting an intention for the day can help us manifest our goals and visions for your lives. Its putting positivity out into the atmosphere and surrounding ourselves with positive energy. It helps us to become clearer about what we want for our lives. The best time to do this is right before you being a meditation. 

When we set an intention for the day, we are mapping out a path for our day to go. We are leading out day down positive energy. It becomes the driving force of our day because the positive energy is ingrained in our spirit. 

When we fail to surround ourselves with positive energy in the beginning of our days, we leave ourselves open to negative energy. This is the cause of our stress and other negative feeling throughout the day.  

Please understand that you cannot for an intention. You have to fully believe in it and plant the seed of positivity within yourself. This way that positivity grows. Forcing an intention defeats the purpose of the exercise. 


Positive Intentions to Get You Started on Your Day

Start with the phrase "I Intend to ..."

Manifest happiness

Respond and not react

Seek out everyone divine identity 

Lead by example

open up to abundance and success

Not to take things personally

Forgive others as well as myself

Love unconditionally 

Meditate more often 

Make other smile more


What other Intentions can you set for your day?

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