Day 8: Lunch Break

Something we do every day is EAT. The sad part is that we eat in the same place, see the same sights and the same people. No matter the time of day. Breakfast in the same spot. Lunch in the same spot. Dinner in the same spot. We have become creatures of habit. Seriously, if someone was plotting against us, it wouldn't be hard because we are doing the same things every day. 

Any day of the week, you can find me eating breakfast at my desk between 10a and 11a. You can find me eating lunch one of two places, my desk or on the balcony, between 1230p and 1p. And usually I am home by the time dinner rolls around. I have become so predictable that my coworkers don't have to look far when they need me. 

We need to get out of this RUT. We need to break the cycle and confuse the mess out of people. And as a bonus we might just make some new friends. When we go new places we have the opportunity to see some new sights and meet new people. Our lives begin to change in ways that we didn't know. It may seem really small, eating lunch in a different place, but the decisions we make everyday lead us down different paths. So lets change the path we are on and open ourselves up to something new. 

New Places to Eat

With a new group of people 

At the park 

New Restaurant

On a different floor at work 

In a new area of the office

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