Day 11: Declutter

As the days pass so do the things. Our lives are filled with stuff. Some good some bad some old some new. But one this is consistent, we all have it and we all have a bunch of it. Its like not being able to see the forest through the trees because we cant seem to focus on anything with all the clutter around us. 

Always being on the go, sometimes we dont get to put things back where they belong. So things start to pile up on us. Everyone has that one chair or corner of the room that becomes the catch all. We come home from work and we just put all our things in the same spot and the pile grows higher and higher day. 

Lets not even start on our desk. We all know that the emails are never ending, but we haven't even begun to talk about the papers. You would think in a day and age where we are so technically advanced, why do we will have piles of paper on our desk each day. And why are they so freaking HIGH. 

Well today is the day that that comes to an END. Today is the day to DECLUTTER our lives. We are going to tackle the catch all chair at our house. The corner of the room that everything goes. GONE. The large pile of papers on our desk gets taken care of. We are even going to get to that junk drawer. We will clean out the fridge and our closets. We are on a mission. 


Places to Declutter 


Family Room 




Dinning Room



Storage areas


What other areas of your life can you declutter

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