Day 10: Reward Time

I am a HUGE fan of the concept "TREAT YOURSELF". I Live for it. Just as a common way of life we tend to treat ourselves on pay day but ordering off the side of menu we usually don't or even get something from the store that we had our eye on. 

During this month of SELF LOVE, we will be doing something to better ourselves each day of the month. But what about the end of the month when we have been good all month long and followed the process. There would be no time better than April 30th to give ourselves an amazing gift that we definitely deserved. 

Don't get me wrong, by then we will have been treating ourselves all month long. Getting back to who we are and making time to genuinely de-stress and declutter our minds is the best treat there is. But every now and then we want to feel something physical and a material gift wouldn't hurt on bit. 

As a task for today to show yourself some love, think of a couple of things that you really want. It can be physical, material, emotional, or spiritual. Make a short list of these things and think about them as the month goes on and we drive deeper into this self love challenge. We are making a list because as we go on, our minds will tend to change. This why, by the end of the month you will know exactly what type of reward will be best for the new you, filled with SELF LOVE 


Ideas for a Self Love Gift



Go out with friends

Watch a sunset/sunrise

Sleep under the stars 

Treat yourself to some new scents 

Get a mani and pedi 

Have a long phone call with someone you love 

Write a letter 


Go to a concert


What other ways will you reward yourself when the Challenge is over

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