Day 7: Outdoors and Music

How perfect is it that the 7th day of this new adventure is on the start of our weekend and would have us go outside. I just love it when a plan comes together. And to add some music takes this over the TOP. 

Going outside and listening to music are two of my favorite things. The feeling of joy when I put on my favorite song. No matter where I am I cant help but dance. I listen to music all day long. Trust I have no shame about taking a dance break in the middle of the day when my jam comes on. 

In my research I have found that when you walk barefoot in the grass you are able to really connect with nature and there are some wonderful heal properties that you get to experience. This practice is called EARTHING. Your body gets to connect with the electrons of the earth. You get a direct charge that the earth naturally produces when you walk barefoot. 


Some benefits of listening to music 

Relieves anxiety 



Relaxes you to sleep better

Natural performance enhancer


Some benefits of walking barefoot also include

Better eyesight 

Relieves stress 

Increase in Vitamin D

Neutralizes energies

Keeps Feel Healthy


Where will you being to day to play in the grass 

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