Day 5: Spa Day

There is nothing more relaxing that having a SPA DAY. Just the thought of being able to have a spa day can put us in a mind frame of total bliss. The thought of our problems melting away as we sip on cucumber water and a wonder face mask works it magic is enough to put a smile on anyone’s face. Then the phone rings and we are brought back to reality. That we are sitting our desk and the emails are piling in.

Well I have the solution. GO ON THAT SPA DAY. We always think that things have to be elaborate and over the top for it to be awesome. But the best things in life are simple. So its a SPA DAY. We can do everything right in the comfort of our own home.


Make a detox water

Steam up your bathroom

Exfoliate your face with a mask

Use a body scrub from your favorite store

Add a hair mask

Set the mood with some music

Use essential oils

Soak in a warm bath

Get a foot spa bath

Polish your nails


What are some other things you are going to do on your SPA DAY

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Laura CurryComment