Day 28: Movie Night

There is nothing better than catching your favorite movie on TV. Talk about an unexpected TREAT. Coming home after a long day and just wanted to destress in front of the TV. Watch a mindless show and forget about the day. I know I'm not the only one that feels this way. And then as you are flipping through the TV Guide channel what is this you see, your FAVORITE MOVIE!!!

So now this night went from whatever to let me really get comfortable. Maybe even a snack. Say what now !!! Today I challenge you to make that dream a REALITY. 

When you get home today, put the phone and the tablet away, and put on your favorite movie. Go wild with and pop some popcorn. Or shall I dare say, break out the good snacks. They ones that you hide from everyone else and sneak and eat when no one is around. Yea get those. 

Get comfy on the sofa and get lost in your favorite movie. Say all the words, laugh hard as ever, and talk back to the TV. Today is your night and this is your movie. Turn the lights off

What movie are you watching tonight?? 

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