Day 27: Random Act of Kindness

I you think that I have lost my mind. How does self love and doing something for another even go together? You do so much for other each and everyday. This was suppose to be about YOU. I must have give up and just started writing random things to fill space O.o ... Just work with me on this one. 

First of all, I am challenging you to do a RANDOM act of kindness. They key word being RANDOM. So stop going off on me. See if figure at this point of the challenge you are a natural high. And when you become so happy that a smile is on your face the moment you wake up, you just can't help but to spread that happiness to others. So we tend to do RANDOM acts of kindness. 

By now, being nice to others, familiars and strangers, has become apart of your day. You find yourself holding the door open just because and not because you feel obligated to. You help people out in the break room. When you are shopping and people ask questions, you don't mind answering them. You help get things off the top shelf. Spreading kindness is now your way of LIFE!!! 

Embrace IT !!!

What Random Acts of Kindness have you shown today

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