Day 26: Splurge (Treat Yo Self)

We have been putting in that WERK all month long. We have been dealing with some hard hitting issues especially after yesterdays challenge. So you know what we fint to do .... TREAT YO SELF. That't right. Today we are going ALL out. I challenge you to SPLURGE ... on yourself. 

I know there is something you have been eyeing. A new pair of shoes, a new outfit, a new CAR. Whatever is that you want, go out and get it today. (The car may have been a stretch, but you know what I mean).

Just like you go a little bigger on lunch on payday. Yes, everyone super sizes on pay day. Go big on yourself. You wake up each and every day and achieve the impossible. Things we do in a regular basis would have made a lesser person quit by now. But not you. You keep going. And not only do you complete your never ending To Do list each day, you manage to make time to do for other. 

You DESERVE today. I challenge you to go ALL OUT. Don't just stop at a new pair of shoes. Start with your favorite breakfast in bed, then get up and put on your favorite outfit and hit the streets. Buy what makes you happy and top of the day with your favorite dinner. 

This is how you TREAT YO SELF !!!

What are you splurging on today ??

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