Day 25: Younger Self

This may be on the challenges that takes a little time. This one is going to require you to really think. Not only think about the past but in a sense, think about the future. More than anything, it will make you reflect on the life that you are living. Today I challenge you to write a letter to your younger self. 

I have always heard about people doing this, mainly on TV shows when people where in therapy sessions or going through some type of recovery, but I never gave much thought to doing it on my own. Especially cause I'm not in therapy nor am I going through any type of recovery. And how would I even start. Where do I even find pen and paper. It just seemed like such a task. 

Yet, here we are practicing SELF LOVE and I can't think of better way to really show my self some love and really remind myself of the things that are important to me and what I really want out of life. So I'm looking for pen and paper and I'm sitting down at my desk and getting to writing. 

I know you are thinking I can just type something up on my computer and be done with it. But that is the exact reason to get a pen and paper. It takes real effort and real thought to write a letter. Its a lost art form. When you write a letter it means so much more. And why not put that type of effort into yourself. Now you see where I'm going with this don't you.

Writing a letter to you younger self is sure to bring about a ton of emotions and feelings that you had stored away and pretend that you didn't feel. But its just you and the paper to let it all out.  When you were younger the world was you oyster. You had dreams to reach the moon yet as an adult you barely leave your neighbor. 

It will be very easy to feel like you have let yourself down in one way or another. But I want you to see it as an opportunity to get back on track to achieving your goals. When you were younger there was something that you dreamed about doing, places you wanted to go, and sights you wanted to see. There is nothing stopping you but you right now. Go and do those things. Stop letting life get in the way. 

I get it easier said than done. But with a PLAN all things are possible. In you letter finally promise yourself that you are going to get things DONE!!! 

What are some goals that you will be revisiting from your younger days??

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