Day 24: New Tunes

Listening to Music has been my first LOVE. No matter the time of day, I love to have music playing. Of course, I listen to music in my car and when I'm doing working at my desk. And Saturday cleaning wouldn't be the same without the music blasting in the background. But today I challenge you to listen to something different. 

No matter if its a new local radio station, creating a new station on your streaming service, or a new podcast, I challenge you to listen to something different, 

When you expose ourselves to new things we expand our experience. I know you are thinking what does listening to some new music have to do with expanding my experiences. Well think about it like this. You listen to a new song, it gets stuck in your head. You are singing it around your job or standing in line. Then a co worker or stranger that you never would have talked to before hears you singing the new song you heard and they know it as well. Now you all start talking and become good friends. This can really happen. It has def happened to me before!!! 

You can listen to a new podcast and it can help you expand your knowledge base. They have all types of podcast out there. Just about any interest that you have there is a podcast for it. So go crazy and get your listen on. Hurry up and listen to something new!!


What new tunes are you going to listening to?



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