Day 22: Overcoming Fear

Nothing holds us back more in life than FEAR. We are scared of the unknown. Don't shy away from it. We all are. But its that fear that holds us back from achieving our goals to say the least. 

There are all types of fears. I for one don't like watching scary movies at night because I get nightmares. Yes I said it, I get nightmares. Those things aint no joke. So when I do choose to watch a scary movie. I watch it in the middle of the day with the sun shinning bright and all lights on. Them horror creatures aren't going to get me. 

Some people are scared of heights, some are scared of balloons, or even clowns. Today I challenge you to conquer ONE fear. 

If you are scared of heights, you can start small but going up a step stool or ladder. If you scared of small spaces, try riding an elevator (that would take care of the fear of heights things as well). Or if you have a social fear, you can go to a new place and spark up a convo with someone in line. 

Whatever you fear is, today is the day that you CRUSH it. So lets get to knocking out those fears


How did you conquer our fear?



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