Day 21: Favorites Night



Here we are creating another perfect weekend. If you want to add the elements from last week of getting some extra sleep and meditation, go wild with it. But we are definitely adding a new element to the weekend. Favorites Night! 

I know you thinking, what the heck is Favorites Night? This chick can make anything the up. And you would be 100% CORRECT!!!. I have come up with a celebration of an evening that is once again all about you and the things that you LOVE. Today I challenge you to make your FAVORITE meal for dinner, and a little something extra ...

Now you got a couple of extra minutes of sleep and was able to get out of bed fully rested. Something that you don't get to experience through the week. So that means that you got your Saturday off to a good start. So when you went and did all of your Saturday things, you had a HUGE smile on your face. To make this day even better, you are going to cook your favorite meal and top it off with your favorite dessert. Oh yea that's right, we are having our cake and eating it to !!!!! 

 Enough of this internet stuff lets get our GRUB ON !!!


What is you favorite thing to have for dinner??

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