Day 20: Unplug from Technology

If you walk down any street or into any building, all you see if people glued to there phones. Let's not even get started with public transportation. All you see is heads down. People are either playing a game or ready the latest gossip. Not to mention, we get use are phones to make calls, read emails, text and basically schedule or lives. Don't even get me started with social media. For some people, that is all they do all day and the most important reason that they have phone. 

Today I challenge you to go technology FREE !!! 

I know this will probably be one of that hardest things we do during this challenge but it will so so so worth it. Being able to take some time and unplug, frees up our lives to do so much more. Like actually talk to people face to face. I know at this point in life it seems almost impossible. EVERYTHING we do is in our phones. If you are anything like me, I am totally lost without my phone. Honestly, one day I didn't realize I left my phone home til I got to work, best believe I went back home to get it and just let them know I was gonna be late that day. I am totally attached. 

This is why it is so important that we UNPLUG every now and them. Just like our phones remind us that we haven't restated it in a couple of days, we need to apply the same to our lives. 

Time to Unplug. There are tons of benefits to going Tech Free ...


Benefits of Going Tech Free

More aware of your surrounds 

Reduced body pain

Better quality of sleep

Improves memory and mood

Enhances productivity 

Enjoy being in the MOMENT


What are some other benefits go going tech free?

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