Day 1: Positive Affirmations

To kick things off for our 30 Days of Self Love, we are starting with some Positive Affirmations. Write down at least 10 positive affirmations that really mean something to you. Things that motivate you to be a better version of yourself, 

When you have picked that ones that really speak to you, put them in places that you are sure to see them daily. Put them in the bathroom, by your bed, in your wallet, even in your car, This way you are sure to see them and be reminded of the power they posses. 

Here are a couple to get you started: 

I am Love 

I am adventurous 

I am in charge of how I feel and I choose HAPPINESS 

I will not compare myself to others 

Don't sweat the small stuff 


What other Positive Affirmations will you use today

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