Day 19: Doodle & Dance

Whenever we put pen to paper it to write down something to do, take a note or even give a directive. And lets not even talking about then we are in front of a computer. It becomes all about email, reports, and projects. Its like when does it end. Have no fear Today is the Day we have some FUN with Pen and Paper. 

Today I challenge you to have some mindless fun. Something that we never do. If you anything like me the only time I play music is when I am cleaning. I couldn't even tell you the last time that that I drew of colored something. I has been so long. 

But not to worry we have all that worked out. If you want to go "old school" bust out the coloring books and the crayons and go to town. I know your like where the heck am i suppose to find crayons. Weeeellll, they actually sell crayons at the grocery store down that strange isle that you never go down with other stationary supplies. So pick you up a pack. And go all out and get the name brand ones *wink wink*. I already know that you have a ton of paper around your house so thats not an issue. 

If you are fancy, you can download a coloring app to your tablet or phone. They literally have hundreds of coloring apps. So the coloring world is your oyster. Go to town. 

The best part about it is while you are home coloring and getting back to your inner child, you are going to have your Favorite Tunes playing in the background. You can have your headphone in or you can blast it on your system. Whichever makes you happiest. Just as long as your doing it. And when you fav song come on get up and DANCE  your heart out, cause no one is watching anyway !!!! 

Lets have some fun already !!! 


Which way did you decide to color? book or app ??? 

Let me know in the comments below


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