Day 17: Game Night

This challenge is about getting back things that make us happy and trying out new things. But why not bring others along on the fun!! So my challenge for you today is to have a GAME NIGHT. 

I have some many wonderful memories of have game night with my family and friends. Whether it was card games like spades or uno. Or board games like Monopoly or Trouble. We always had an amazing time right after we were totally upset with each other for something going wrong. 

On game that we dont allow my Grandmother to play is Clue. For whatever reason she just can't get the concept behind it. But it makes for great laughs cause she swears that "this time I got it. I totally understand". Please believe on game that you are not ready for when me and my siblings are involved is MONOPOLY. When that game comes out, family means nothing and we all become cut throat real estate moguls. My fathers favorite game is a toss up between Sorry and Trouble, but I'm sure you can see the pattern LOL. My Grandfather somehow manages to win spades by pretending to not understand what is going on LOL. We finally realized that he was faking us out. 

As you can clearly see, we 100% enjoy our board games. No matter what is going on throughout our week, when the board games hit the table all of our problems go away. So today I challenge you to get some friends and family together and have a GAME NIGHT!! Share some laughs and enjoy each others company. What could be better ??


Popular Board Games 








Chutes and Ladders 



What are some of your favorite board games that you play with your family and friends? 

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