Day 16: Bath Time

We all know that Monday's are the best feeling day of the week. We always have a case of the Mondays or the Mondays Blues. Monday's get such a bad wrap. And believe you me if feel the same way. It really feels like Saturday and Sunday just aren't enough time to really relax. 

So that is why I am challenging you to take the time out of you day to Take a BATH. But not just any bath. A real movie like bubble bath with candles and some soothing music. Something to take your mind the day and you just slip away into the soothing sounds of nothing. 

We had such a wonderful weekend, being able to getting some extra sleep and even starting to meditate. So it only seems right that today, Monday, we take a nice long bath. 

We tend to be over worked and stressed out as we get back to work on Mondays. We hold the stress of the week to come and start to plan things out. Being able to de-stress when we get home would definitely make us love Monday's a ton more. 

A wonderful addition to your new Monday bath time, is to take a detox bath. Im just saying. If we get some extra hours of sleep on Saturday, meditate on Sunday, its only right to detox on Monday. 

Here is a wonderful Bath Detox to get you started: 


Monday Bath Detox 

1/2 c Epsom Salt

10 drops of Essential Oil 

1/2 c Baking Soda 


Soak in the bath for 20 minutes. This will draw out toxins, lowers stress related hormones and balance you pH. 


What essential oil will you be using in your Monday Detox Bath?? 

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