Day 18: Gratitude

Showing a little gratitude goes a long way not just for others but for yourself as well. We all know that being gracious can put smile on someones face and even warms your heart and makes you feel like a better person in the process. But have you shown any type of gratitude to yourself lately? Today I challenge you to show a little gratitude. 

Its easy to believe that gratitude is automatically in everyone, but the reality is that is something that we need to work on each day. It is something we need to practice, foster and actively seek out in everything that we do each day. This can be hard when attempting to show gratitude to ourselves. But when we acknowledge gratitude it can become the key to a nourishing life. 

Showing gratitude to yourselves takes practice and habit. Its something that we need to do each and every day. I do understand that adding one more to our never ending To Do list is really sounding like such a chore, but its will pay off in the end. Even the thought of giving yourself a little pat on the back for a job well done can feel a little egotistical, but its NOT. And once we get in the habit of it, it will come naturally to us and feel like a part of us. 

Showing gratitude can have an awesome boomerang effect. It not only helps you but it helps others. I know it cliche to say but you cant do anything for others if you don't take care of yourself first. The same goes for gratitude. When you start to show yourself gratitude you can then show others what you feel for them and then they start to express gratitude to you. It becomes a beautiful cycle of events. 

Because this a new concept to us I know you may need a little help getting started. So here are some ways to show yourself a little GRATITUDE !!

QUITE YOUR MIND - sit in complete nothingness, silence and meditation. Take time everyday to just be with yourself. 

WRITE IT OUT - being able to write out your feelings and emotions really allows you to live in your truths 

PRACTICE THANKS - there is no right or wrong way to say thank you. You can say it verbally or put it into action. Whichever the situation calls for. 

TRACK THE COMPLIMENTS - take the time to track all the compliments that others have given you and you have given yourself. I know it may sound crazy but looking back on something nice that someone said when you're not feeling so hot goes a long way 

EXPERIENCE LIFE  - Its time to get out of rut and routine. Write a list of things that you want to do and actually do them.


What other ways can you show yourself some GRATITUDE 

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