Day 12: Accomplishments

Its hard to realize that we accomplish things every day. We put out a million and one fires that all we see is the negative. All we see is the clean up that we have to do everyday. Its super easy to get swamped by everyone problems and not see all that we have done each day. The fact that we have thrown our hands in the air and walked away from it all says a lot. Trust me I have had this thought plenty of days. 

Not to mention the fact that some days I just want to pack a small back with essentials, get in my car, and just DRIVE OFF. Say forget all this, pick a new location, and completely start over. Cause maybe this the next time we will get it right and truly be happy. Talking about BIG DREAMS.

The thought that everything is so messed up now and that we haven't really done anything of substance just isn't true. We have done a lot in our lives to be proud of and patting yourself on the back every now and then for just making it through the day is something we should do more often. 

If we sit back and think about things, we actually have a lot to brag on. Besides graduating from school, we have jobs that we go to each day. Granted they may not be the best jobs in the world, nor even our dream job at times, but remember you have a job. And at the job there are countless people that depend on you to get things done. So that is something to poke your chest out over. 

I get it. You're thinking, I can't stand this job I'm bout to quit any day, and if one more person ask me to do the same thing I already showed them how to do, Imma go off. Being dependable isn't your only accomplishment. You have tons more to brag about. Just in case you forgot, here are some things you can be proud that you have accomplished


Signs You Are Doing Good In Life 

You ate today 

You have a roof over your head 

You have a good heart 

You wish good for others 

Someone cares for you 

You forgive others 

You have a dream 

Your bills are paid 

You're employed

You have GOALS

You choose HAPPINESS


What other accomplishments have you make this week, this month, this year 

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