Day 15: Meditate

Since we are really centering this wonderful weekend around making time to really relax, its only right that we MEDITATE today. And today, I challenge you to start meditating daily!!!

Meditation is when you focus on a particular thought, object or activity. It helps to clear your mental and emotional state. Taking time throughout the day can help to relieve stress on so many levels. It can be used to reduce anxiety, depression and even pain. The best part is you can meditate sitting or laying on your back. 

To meditate successfully, you will get in your desired position, repeat your manta (positive affirmation) and close your eyes to quite your mind.  The best part about mediation is that you can do it as often as needed throughout the day. There is no wrong or right time to meditate. You do it when it works best for you. 

As you make time to meditate more and more, you will feel the stress melt away. You will be able to better respond to situation and take a calmer approach when stress tries to arise. Adding mediation to your days will has an amazing positive impact to your life. If you don't believe me, here are some benefits of meditation. 


Benefits of Meditation 

Reduces Stress

Improves Concentration

Encourages Healthy Living 

Increases self-awareness

Increases happiness 

Increases patience 

Improves immune health

Slows aging


How did you meditation go today 

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