Yoga is a Hindu spiritual and ascetic discipline that includes breathing control, meditation, and the adoption of specific postures. It is widely used for health and relaxation. Yoga is mainly about harmonizing the body with the mind and the breath using various breathing exercises, poses and mediation. Yoga is practiced by many as way to center themselves and releasing stress in their lives.


Warrior Pose

 Called Virabhadra, the pose was named with the thought in mind that we are battling our universal enemy, self ignorance, and any source of our suffering. There are a total of three warrior poses in the warrior sequence. Warrior pose helps with strengthening your core and legs, opens the hips and chest and stretches your legs and arms. Adding arms motion and breathing techniques give this series of poses what is needed to fully workout the body.

Pigeon Pose

One of many hip opener poses, Pigeon Pose "Kapotasana" isn't the easiest pose to do but the pay off of actually accomplishing the pose properly is amazing. Once you get the hang of the basic pose, you will be more then thrilled to try the different variations of it. Increases the range of motion, lengthens the hip flexors, prepares the body for back bends and seated posture poses. This pose strenghens the abdomen, thigh, thorax, ankless, groin, and the front of the body. 


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Tree Pose

Also called "Vriksasana" this is one of many balance poses. This pose has different levels when doing it. This pose is used for centering and breathing. When practicing tree pose, it is important to focus. It helps to clear your mind so there are no distractions and you can successfully do Tree.  This pose helps to strengthen the shoulders, thighs, thorax, and groin.