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Let’s Make Granola

So one thing that I am totally in LOVE with is GRANOLA. It may seem like a crazy love affair but it’s so freaking tasty. And when I found out that I was so easy to make, my obsession with GRANOLA grew a million times that day. To be fully honest granola and I did have a on again off again relationships. But we are back on. When I started my journey and made all the changes to my eating habits, there are of course some things have to go, and granola was one of them. I was heartbroken about it but I parted ways.

Granola and I have found each other again and I'm sharing our secret with you ...

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Is It Time For Snack ??

When it comes to eating right the key it portion size. We all know this is the hardest part. I for one am used to piling food high on my plate especially when it comes to my favs like mac and cheese. Granted its not something that I eat often so when I get the opportunity I spare no expense. This is the point a which we all fail, because PORTION CONTROL IS KEY. Now I'm not saying that you cant eat mac and cheese or what ever your favorite meal is. What I am saying is eat in moderation. And when you do get a chance to eat it don't go crazy. 

A good way to practice this and making sure that we don't lose our minds is SNACKS. Yes my friend, snacks are allowed when getting healthy and fit. The thing to keep in mind is that things that we are snacking on. In today's post we talk about how to make sure that we are portioning out our snacks correctly ... 

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