Daniel Diet and Intermittent Fasting

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I have mentioned a few times that things took a crazy turn and caused me to go missing for a few months. Thankfully that time has passed and I am able to get back on track and get back to into my “normal” life (whatever that is LOL). To make sure I keep up with things in a positive manner and keep the positive energy flowing, I wanted to try something new and at the same time do something familiar that really helped me out.

The something new that I wanted to try would be the DANIEL DIET. I read up on the Daniel Diet months ago when it was the trendy thing to do. Just to see what all the hype was about and seeing if there were any benefits to it and what it was really all about. If you are unfamiliar with the Daniel Diet, in short it’s basically eating foods there were around during Old Testament days and drinking ONLY water. So that would be a lot of fruits, veggies and grains, for the most part. Not bad at all.

The awesome part of this “diet” is that with is comes fasting and meditation. This is why I really liked this method of dieting. While you are changing what you eat to essentials, during the times when you feel a “craving” come on is when you meditate and really focus on what you are trying to achieve. Now granted it does promote a connection to a higher power (whatever or whoever that may be for you), I did like the idea of not relying on yourself alone during this transition.

Now, since I have been going through a lot mentally, physically and emotionally over the past few months, this really spoke to me as a way to get grounded, get focused, and get back on track. It was giving me a good meal plan to follow (getting back on track), promoting a connection to something other than self (getting grounded) as well as promoting a steady way to achieve my goals (getting focused).

In terms of the “something familiar” that I was eager to get back to was intermittent fasting. Now I know everyone and their mother was HOT for intermittent fasting. Literally, I originally started doing this with my mother last summer LOL. But honestly it worked for BOTH of us. In its simplest form, intermittent fasting gives you a “block” set hours to eat and a “block” set of hours to fast. It is nothing crazy and totally works for busy lives. There are structured sets of hours you can work with like the doing it daily vs weekly. You can do a 16/8 where you fast for 16 hours and eat for 8 hours. Or a 24 fast, where you eat normal six days and week then pick one day to fast for a 24 hour period.  

Because a part of the Daniel Diet is fasting, intermittent fasting added in giving me a guideline as to when and how to fast. So the two worked perfectly together. I have a plan and now it’s about putting into action. Below I have included some basic food guidelines for the Daniel Diet, if you are interested in doing it!

Daniel Diet

Approved Foods                                                                              Not Gonna Happen Foods

Fruits                                                                                                     Meats

Vegetables                                                                                         Animal Products

Whole Grains                                                                                     Dairy

Nuts                                                                                                      Sweeteners

Seeds                                                                                                    Leavened Breads

Legumes                                                                                              Refined Foods  

Quality Oils                                                                                         Processed Foods

Water                                                                                                   Fried Foods

Spices                                                                                                   Solid Fats

Seasonings                                                                                         Alcohol

Herbs                                                                                                    Coffee

Soy Products                                                                                      Carbonated/Energy Drinks

Will you be trying the Daniel Diet, Intermittent Fasting, or both??
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