Food to Boost Your Immune System

With everyone falling sick this cold and flu season, there are some things that you can do to boost your immune health. Its unfortunate that we can’t control others and the things that they do with their health. I for one would like to make the people in my office eat healthier, so that I don’t have to hear them complain when they are tired or don’t feel well.

I tell them all the time that they could eat this or even try that, but no one listens to me. Some days its like banging my head against a wall. I feel like they want to be sick and unhealthy. But with the way this flu season has been going, I am stopping at nothing to make sure they are at the top of their health, otherwise I’m petitioning for them to stay home with their germs.

While we can’t control what others do and the germs they carry. We can protect ourselves. We can make sure that we are OPTIUM Immune health. Here are a couple of things that you can add to you day to boost your Immune system:

Foods to Boost Your Immune

Iron Rich Food






Coconut Oil


Nuts and Seeds

Sweet Potatoes

What Other foods can you think of to boost your immune system??? Comment Below

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