Southwestern Quinoa with Avocado Dressing

As you may already know, I am HUGE fan of Quinoa. It is a great substitute for rice if you are trying to cut your carbs. I great source of a whole bunch of vitamins and minerals and all things good for you. I just cant get enough of it. Truthfully, there is nothing that quinoa can't do. 

Not only is it a great sub for carb heavy foods but it fills you up like none other. So when it comes to cooking with quinoa, I dont have to feel guilty after. One of my fave things to make is Southwestern Quinoa with Avocado Dressing. 

I am attempting to get away from meat, chicken, beef, pork, all of it. So when it time to make food I have been finding so great alternatives that make me feel like I'm not missing out on anything and this dish does that because the quinoa is so fillings. Not only does it taste good but it leave me super satisfied. 



Lets Get Started...

2 cups of cooked quinoa 

1 can of black beans 

1 of corn 

1 cup of salsa 

salt and pepper to taste 


1 avocado (sliced and diced) 

2 cloves garlic minced 

1 tbs lime juice 

2 tbs olive oil 

3 tbs water 

2 tbs chopped cilantro 

Salt and pepper to taste 

** if you are not sure how to cook quinoa, click here  

Lets Do This: 

In a warmed large pan, mix the cooked quinoa, black beans, and corn. Heat all the way through. Not necessarily trying to cook everything but warming up so that you can get it. Stir until everything it mixed nicely. Turn off the stove and add the salsa. Stir until everything is incorporated.

Time to make the Avocado Dressing - in a medium bowl, mix together the avocado, garlic, cilantro. Add in the olive oil little by little. Stir until completely incorporated. Salt and pepper to taste. Add in the water to make it a little "runny". Salt and pepper to taste. 

Time to assemble - Add you southwestern quinoa to a pretty plate and drizzle the avocado dressing.

If you want to make this really fancy, you can make this into a BURRITO. Yes I said it a burrito. Put the quinoa mix on a tortilla and add tomatoes and your fave burrito goodies. Drizzle the avocado dressing on it and go to town. 

What are some other ways you can fancy up your southwestern quinoa??  

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