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There is nothing more that I love in the whole wide world than an Apple Pie!! But when you live alone making a pie isn’t in my best interest. So that is why I have to get creative and come up with single serve desserts. Imagine something like all those short vids you see of microwave mug cakes, just a little better.

Making a Apple Crisp in the single serve form makes dessert on the holidays so much easier. You can have the sweet treat that you like with out all of the guilt that usually comes along with it. And believe me it taste so good you will be thanking yourself that there is no temptation to have more LOL!! Lets get to baking!!

What You’ll Need:

3 tbs coconut oil

`1/4 c quick oats

1 tbs chopped nuts - walnuts or pecans

2 1/2 tbs wheat flour - divided

2 1/2 tbs brown sugar - divided

1/2 tea cinnamon - divided

1/8 tea salt

2 - 3 apples - chopped

honey for garnish

What You’ll Do:

Melt the coconut oil in the microwave. Stir in the oats, pecans, 2 tbs of the whole wheat flour, 2 tbs of the sugar, 1/4 tea of the cinnamon, and the salt. Mix until well combined. Chop up the apples and toss them in 1/2 tea of wheat flour, 1/2 tea sugar, and 1/4 tea cinnamon.

In mugs or small dish (ramekins), layer the oat mixture at the bottom followed by 1 cup of the apple mixture. Then top with more of the oat mixture. Put in the microwave for about 3.5 minutes. You will know its ready when the apples are bubbling and it reduces in size.

Remove and let it cool so that you can eat it. This is going to be very hot so give it a little extra time to cool off. When its finally cool enough to eat, drizzle with HONEY and ENJOY!!!

What will you be having with your apple crisp ?? Ice cream maybe ??

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