One Hot Chocolate Please!

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The thing that I love most about a cold day is that I get to have a warm cup of HOT CHOCOLATE. Now that I live down in the sunshine state, cold days are far and few in between. The silver lining is that my office is like a meat locker most days. This gives me a great excuse to have a cup of cocoa every now and then.

We all love the packages of hot chocolate because all you have to do is add hot water or warm milk and your set to go. But what you are not realizing is that those things are LOADED with artificial everything and packed with sugar.

Great news !!! Making hot chocolate from scratch is not hard at all and takes a matter of minutes. Literally a matter of minutes. Its just waiting for the milk to get hot. Yup its that simple. Not to mention the flavor is SO MUCH better.

So enough talking about it and lets get to it:

What You’ll Need:

1 c of milk

1 tbs unsweetened cocoa powder

1 tbs sugar

TIP: you can add some flavor combinations like ground cardamom and vanilla, ground cinnamon and chili powder, or orange peel and ground clove to kick things up a notch and go all top chef !!

What You’ll Do:

Warm the milk in a small part just before boiling point. Once milk is warmed as desired, add in cocoa powder and sugar and whisk together until fully combined. Add any of the suggested flavor combinations if desired. Pour in a cute mug with a funny phrase and ENJOY !!! Don’f forget the marshmallow !!

What other flavors combinations do you think will make your hot chocolate special ??

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