Food to Avoid at Bedtime

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What is a night without a late snack? What is a world without creeping to the fridge and sneaking something when you think everyone is asleep? In their own right, these sound like a really good time. What we fail to realize is that we may be setting ourselves up for FAILURE.

There are certain that things that we consume that can make getting to sleep every night even more difficult on us. Let’s not do this to ourselves. I will be the first to admit that a late-night snack is all that I think about some night. That standing in the fridge with the light shining on my face as I delight at all the options of what I can consume is the best thing ever.

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See, it’s not about standing in the fridge with the light shining on you, its what you pick out of the fridge that makes the difference. It’s what you choose to eat that at that moment that is causing you all the issues. Granted, it would be best if we didn’t have those late-night snacks, but these things do happen and they will happen. There are times that we do fall to weakness. I’m not proud to say that I indeed have. There was a time when I baked for an event, and I couldn’t help myself and had to have a taste. Proud or not we fall to temptation. 

The thing is when you know better you do better. There are various foods that effect us in different ways. Some even say that eating certain things give them nightmares. I don’t think this has happened to me and I really hope that it never does. But the point is, we have to be mindful of what we are eating around bed time.


Not only has our metabolism slowed down at night, so it will take longer for us to digest foods but the things that we eat are certain to keep us up at night. Neither of which we want when trying to get a good night’s sleep. Therefore it is important to make sure that what we are putting in our bodies what is the best for us. So, to help you out, and make sure that you get a good sleep, below are some food to steer clear of at bed time:

Foods to Avoid For a Good Night’s Sleep





Processed Foods



Ice Cream






Red Meat

What other foods keep you up at night

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