Meal Prep Tips When you’re Short On Time

When we are trying to accomplish all of our goals at once, we sometimes forget to eat. This happens to me usually around dinner time. I will be the first to admit that when I have six million things going on I get so caught up and busy that the next thing I know it’s 11 o’clock at night and I haven’t eaten since lunch. Or even worst is when its 4 in the afternoon and my stomach is killing me and I realize that haven’t eaten since breakfast. That’s when I remember that I have some premade meals in the fridge and can chow down right away.

To help you out on those busy days, I have come up with some tips of Meal Prepping for you Busy Life:

Meal Prepping when You’re Busy

Make a list – Grocery shopping it so much easier when you have a list. Instead of running the store every other day getting things you need to cook with, start a list during the week. As the days go by add the things that you are out of. This way on a designated shopping day you can get everything at once. Just make sure not to go when you’re hungry and STICK TO THE LIST.

Go Frozen – While shopping getting things like frozen vegetables and fruits are huge time savers when it comes to making a meal. Also getting frozen meat like seafood and grass-fed beef are great cause you don’t have the stress of cooking them before they go bad.

Go Pre-Prepped – Another great tip when shopping is getting things that are already pre-prepped. This means green veggies that are already washed, fruits that are already cut up and even veggies that have been pre-chopped. These small things may cost a little extra, but if you are really short on time they can definitely save a ton of time in the kitchen.

Schedule Prep Day – another great way to save on time is to have a prep day. This is one day where you have actual time. Designate one day that you can get a bulk of the cooking or prep work done. Set one day aside during the week that you can cook at least one set of meals like lunches or dinners. This will take a lot of the headache out of cooking

No Junk Food – to make sure that you don’t stray off the healthy path, be mindful of the snacks that you keep in the house. Make sure not to bring in any junk food like chips and cookies. I’m not saying don’t snack at all, just make sure what you do snack on doesn’t do more harm than good. Great things to keep in your home for snacking include, pretzels, fruits, veggie stick and homemade granola. This way if you start to mindlessly snack while watching your favorite TV show, you’re not killing all the effort you already put in.

One Pot Wonders – one of the hardest parts of cooking is trying to figure out what exactly to cook. Enter the one pot wonders. The magic of a one pot wonder is that it only requires one pot to have an amazing dish on the table in no time. You can make meals like various soups, tasty chilis and of course who could forget PASTA.

Keep it SIMPLE – Which ever meal you choose just remember to KEEP IT SIMPLE. When you are running out of time and aren’t sure what to cook, keep it simple. It’s usually the simplest dishes that taste the best because you don’t over complicate it. Keep the flavors light and the meals small. But remember to HAVE FUN.

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