Green Eggs and Ham Breakfast Sandwich

Anyone how knows me knows that I love AVOCADO. It is one of the best things on this planet. I will even admit that I have eaten a whole Florida Avocado as a snack. Yes, it was a very bad idea because that is a lot of fats to be taken in in one sitting, but to my defense, it was DELICIOUS. It was an amazing 5 minutes. I sprinkled it with a little salt and it was like magic.

To add some avocado to any breakfast dish brings it to a-whole-nother level. So when I came across the book green eggs and ham, I finally realized how I could make this dream a reality. To be very clear, my eggs will not be green. I believe you can make them green with a little food coloring but in the end it doesn’t look as pleasing to the eye. And we all know we eat with our eyes first.

So how does recreating this childhood book actually come to life? With Avocados of course. Avocados will play the lead role in this green creation.

So let’s get started:

¼ avocado

2 eggs

pat of butter

Sliced ham (or turkey)

½ cup of leafy greens

Cheese (optional)

Wheat bread - optional: spinach wrap, croissant, or any other bread

Here’s what to do:

Scramble the eggs and cook them in a small pan with the butter. Slice the avocado length wise so that it can be easily placed on the toast. Toast your bread. Toasting it will firm it up making it easier to work with. Once the bread is toast assemble your sandwich.

The order – toast, avocado slices (half), ham, egg, leafy green, avocado slices (other half), toast

Did you use ham or turkey? What type of bread did you use? What order did you use? How did it all come out? What did it taste like? Hurry and let me know in the comments.

Laura CurryComment