Pineapple, Ginger, and Walnut Oatmeal

There are plenty of mornings where I just want to enjoy breakfast. I just want to be able to sit down and eat my breakfast without having to be bothered with email, phone calls, or people asking me for something. I normally eat breakfast at work and its can be a real pain in the rear.

Even though I am at work, I still want to be able to enjoy and savor the first meal of the day. People don’t realize how important breakfast is. It sets on the right path for our day. It gets our body in order and gives us the fuel we need to make it through the day. Breakfast is the life blood that sustains us. Maybe I took it too far with that last one, but breakfast is still very important. Yet many people choose not to eat it. If they only knew the disservice they were doing to themselves.

I make sure to eat breakfast each and every morning, well I miss it on Sundays but I do partake in brunch. One of my favorite things to have for breakfast is OATMEAL. Yes oatmeal. But im not talking about the boring stuff that we ate at the kitchen table when we were little. Just as we have grown up so has oatmeal.

You can add to many things to your oatmeal. There are so many different combinations that make it pop every time. That instant apple, brown sugar, or peach oatmeal is a thing of the past. Oatmeal has so much more to offer and I have been indulging in it all. Today we are making Pineapple, Ginger and Walnut Oatmeal.

So Let’s Get Started:

½ cup rolled oats

½ cup milk or water  

¼ cup chopped walnuts

¼ cup diced pineapples

1 small piece of ginger chopped finely

Honey or sugar to sweeten

Here’s what to do:

Heat up a small pot to cook oats. Add oats to the pan and let them toast a little. Add in the milk or water. Allow the oats to cook stirring occasionally. Should take about 10 minutes or so. When the oats are just about cooked all the way, add in the ginger and pineapple and stir. Turn off the heat and cover the pot and allow the oats to cook on their own. Once done take off the stove and add to a bowl. Sprinkle on top the walnuts and drizzle on the honey or sugar, sweeten to taste.

There you have it some fancy oatmeal.

How did your oatmeal turn out? Did you add anything extra to make it your own? Drop a picture of your breakfast? Hurry I want to see …

Laura CurryComment