How to make Infused Water

Science says that we are made up of 65% water. Yet we still need to drink it to survive. As a child I figured that if I already had so much water in my body that it was only logical that I add some juice or soda to even things out. Hey, as a child you will make up anything to get an extra juice. But mom always knows best and they make sure that you drink water.

Water gets boring though. Drinking water all day every day will really make you get tired of water. I have come to introduce you to the wonderful world of INFUSED WATER. As an adult you can make your own choices and do what you want, but you still have to drink water. The good part is it doesn’t have to be boring. Now I’m not talking about spicing it up alcohol, but adding some wonderful flavors to your water that makes it more enticing and taste so much better.

Of course, everyone drink lemon water. Yes lemon water is good for you. It really does add in digestion and helps to jumpstart your metabolism. But we can do so much better than just lemon water. There is so much more that we can add to water to really make it shine bright and stand on its own. I have come up with some different recipes that will make you the envy of all your friends when they see you with your fancy infused water.

Let’s get started:



Citrus fruit




Here's what to do:

Add the ice, fruit and mint to the water and enjoy.

Laura CurryComment