Is It Time For Snack ??

When it comes to eating right the key it portion size. We all know this is the hardest part. I for one am used to piling food high on my plate especially when it comes to my favs like mac and cheese. Granted its not something that I eat often so when I get the opportunity I spare no expense. This is the point a which we all fail, because PORTION CONTROL IS KEY. Now I'm not saying that you cant eat mac and cheese or what ever your favorite meal is. What I am saying is eat in moderation. And when you do get a chance to eat it don't go crazy. 

A good way to practice this and making sure that we don't lose our minds is SNACKS. Yes my friend, snacks are allowed when getting healthy and fit. The thing to keep in mind is that things that we are snacking on. The days of eating stale rice cakes are thing of the past. But to be honest, I did snack on a rice cake or two when I first started out. I thought I was fancy and added some peanut butter to mine. Yes, it still tasted like cardboard though LOL. I knew there had to be a better way. There had to be a way to still have a snack, it taste good and still qualify as healthy I was determined to find answers. 

When it comes to snacking, just as your meals, its all about portions. Snacks shouldn't be the same size as a meal you have, its just a snack. Its just to hold you over in between meals. There are some things to help you out along the way to control your snack sizes. There are little zip-lock bags that you can use that are a favorite of mine. There are also small special snack size containers, glass or plastic (if you find yourself to be on the clumsy side like me). And then of course are the food that already come in snack size like string cheese.

A cool trick that you can use to measure out snack sizes is by using your hand. Some snacks can be the size of your hand, some the just the palm of your hand, and others the size of your fist. This works best when your eating at home as opposed to opening a bag of something and mindlessly snacking away.  Use the size of your hand to make sure your snack portions are correct. When your prepping your meals for the week, you can easily use your snack containers. 

So, what do you use to prepare your snacks for the week? Is it glass or plastic? Or maybe just some snack baggies? Let us know in the comments.