Quinoa on the Side Please

Quinoa has come and taken the world by storm. White rice is out, Brown rice is the stepchild and Quinoa is king of the castle in the health community. But what is quinoa exactly? And how do you really pronounce it? Well quinoa pronounce “ken-wa” was found in the Andes many many years ago is actually a SEED but used as a grain. It packs a bunch of protein and is loved for its simple nutty flavor. It contains an essential amount of amino acids and is a great source of calcium, B vitamins and iron to name a few. But how do you cook it? Cooking quinoa is very similar to cooking any other rice and just as simple.

So Let’s get started:




Washing off the quinoa

Here’s what to do:

When making quinoa, the ratio is 1:2 (for every 1 quinoa you add 2 water)

Measure out the amount of quinoa you will be cooking (for the purpose of this recipe I cooked one cup) in the Sieve over the pot you will be cooking in. Wash the quinoa (using the pot to catch any rebellious seeds of quinoa). To wash, run cold water over the quinoa in the sieve and mix vigorously with your hand (similar to the motion the washing machine makes when washing clothes).

Once you have finished make sure to drain all the water off the quinoa (using a sieve make this step so much easier cause you can simply left the sieve out the water in the pot).

Making sure to drain all the water out the pot, pour the cleaned quinoa in the pot. Add in two cups of water.

Place on stove on high heat, uncovered. You can add a little olive oil or salt and pepper at this point if desired.

When the pot begins to fully BOIL (wait until there are bubbles going crazy in the pot), turn the heat down to low and add a cover *VERY IMPORTANT: if your lid does not have a vent on it make sure not to fully cover pot. Put the lid at an angle so that the steam can escape. If you fully cover the pot and there is no vent or space for the steam to escape you will have a complete mess on your hands and be really upset.

Check on the pot every 5 mins or so until ALL the water has been absorbed by the quinoa. The quinoa should double in size at minimum.

Once all the water is completely absorbed, stir the quinoa, turn off the stove, completely cover the pot with the lid and move off the hot burner (if you are working with an electric stove). Let stand for at least 10 minutes. The quinoa will continue to cood and steam itself out creating all the real magic.

Once all the magic has been created, open the lid and fluff the quinoa (fluffing is lightly stirring bringing everything that’s on the bottom to the top, don’t worry I had no idea what this was about a year ago, but it actually helps when cooking rice as well LOL)

And there you have it, a nice pot of quinoa in no time at all. Makes the perfect side when you are transitioning to healthy carbs.

What are eating with your quinoa? Drop some pictures in the comments.

Laura CurryComment