Breakfast Burrito

Breakfast by far is my favorite and of course it's the most important meal of the day. I could have breakfast foods anytime of day I love it so much. But breakfast can get a little boring. When you're eating egg this and egg that, it tends to get blah. So to make sure that I don't get bored with the most amazing food category, I like to change it up and get creative. So to get my day started and keep with my burrito theme, today we make BREAKFAST BURRITOS.

So Let's Get Started:

Eggs (2)

Tortilla Wrap

Cheddar Cheese

Fresh Spinach

Breakfast Sausage

Salt and Pepper

Here's what to do :

Heat up a pan to cook your eggs. Crack and scramble the eggs adding salt and pepper to taste. Add butter, cooking spray or olive oil to the pan (which ever you choose to cook with make sure not to over do it we are still trying to eat healthy). Add the scrambled eggs to the pan and let them cook. Begin to cook your breakfast sausage. I cheat on this part a little especially during the weekly prep because I use frozen sausage and just cook it in the microwave. Don't tell my mother though. Once both are cooked its time to assemble.

Lay your tortilla flat on a cutting board or your counter if its clean. If not clean the counter so you can lay the tortilla down *side eye*. Add the cheese first. You can use what ever cheese you like but stay clear of processed cheeses. Go for the natural ones that will actually go bad if you don't use them in a certain amount of time. (so as a rule of thumb if your cheese is individually packed with plastic wrap you probably want to stay away from it). Add your spinach and then the eggs. To top it all off you want to add your breakfast sausage. Granted you can assemble your wrap any what you like but make sure not to leave the spinach as the last thing. This is because when you go to actually wrap it the spinach will not go with the program.

On to the wrapping roll. When rolling there is a technique to follow. You want to roll once getting everything covered by the tortilla, then you want to tuck in the sides. Lastly, you continue to roll until everything is all tucked in nicely.

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