Burrito Bowls for Everyone

So figuring out what to make for the meal prep actually isn't that hard. There are tons of places where you can get inspiration from all over the internet. Like food it literally slapping you in the face on every piece of social media. The hard part is narrowing it down. Everything I see I want to make. No lie. But I know I don't have time be in the kitchen like Suzy Homemaker with mixing bowls and a smile on my face. I barely have time for all that I do now. But a girl can dream can't she. Back on track, this week I tried out something that I have been seeing a lot of and always wanted to try BURRITO BOWLS. They seem simple enough and I love to go place where they are on the menu. 

All the things needed to get this done. 

So Lets Get started: 

Chicken 6 pieces (I used boneless skinless thighs but you can use breasts) 

Cooked Quinoa

Peppers (2)

Onions (1)

Corn (1 can)

Black Beans (1 can)

Diced Tomatoes 1 can (I got the ones in the can but you can chop up your own)

Mushrooms (10 apx)

Garlic (4 large cloves)

Salt and Pepper (to taste) 

Any other seasonings you want for your chicken 



Here's What To Do:

Get the cleaning of the chicken out the way. Its the part that I dislike the most so I do it and get it over with. I cleaned a lot of chicken as a child so I have some issues when it comes to chicken and cleaning it, but that's another post for another time. Let's get back on track. 

Once you have cleaned the chicken, place it to the side in a bowl and let it marinate with the seasonings that you added to it. 

Peppers and Onions in the Pan

Then you want to start cooking your goodies, the peppers, onions, and the garlic. This combo is the money maker. As you can tell at this point these are my go to ingredients and I use them in just about everything. You don't have to but I do. But anyway, lets move on. Get the pan on the stove to start to heat up. Chop up one pepper. I did strips this time to resemble what the sever in the restaurants (you can chop them how ever you want). The pan should be hot enough to add the oil, but not too much. Chop up the other pepper. The oil should be hot enough that you can add the peppers to them. Now the reason we want to add the peppers first because they take the longest to cook. There is a method to the madness. Give it a little stir. Chop up the gloves of garlic and add them to the pan with the peppers. This will smell amazing. Add some salt and pepper or whatever other seasonings that you decided to use. Give it another little stir. Now we chop up the onions and add them to the mix. I chopped these just the peppers so that they all cook up at the same time and they look good when they are on the plate. Last but not least we want to add the mushrooms. Give them a little wash cause they are mushrooms and can have actual dirt on them. Like real dirt. Dry them off and slice them up. Add them to the pan with the other goodies, making sure to give it a little stir. Add a bit more salt and pepper or other seasonings that you are using. Once everything is fully cooked all the way through give it a little stir and take it off the heat. 

Cooking up the chicken

Now on to the chicken. Heat up another pan with oil. I used a 12 inch pan and cooked 3 pieces at a time. If you have a larger pan you may want to cook more at once. Just make sure not to over crowd the pan so that the chicken cooks evenly (when the pan is over crowed its starts to create a watery environment and the chicken just gets funky. Trust me I made the mistake). The thighs take about 5 mins per side to cook. They get that nice browning look that makes you feel like you really got it. Try not to move the chicken and let it do its thing. Once the chicken has fully cooked and the pieces are done put them on a plate to cool off and rest. Once they are cool cut them up how you want for the burrito bowl. You can do chunks or strips, its up to you. I went with chunks this time around. If I were cooking with chicken breast I would have done strips. It just works out better that way. 

For the corn and the beans you want to add them to a pot and cook them. This will take no more than 5 minutes each. Open the can and add the contents to the pot. Put the burner to high and let it boil. Once it reaches boiling point you want to stir and make sure nothing is sticking (this is very important when it comes to the beans. They will stick in a heartbeat, for real). Add each to a bowl and get ready to assemble. 

Open the can of tomatoes and add them to a bowl. Or if you are being fancy and chopping up tomatoes yourself, go ahead and do so and add them to a bowl. 

If you have never cooked quinoa you can head over to the post here and get you a quick lesson. If its already cooked you are good to go. 

Now lets assemble: 

Add the quinoa to the first to you container. Then add the veggies (peppers, onions, garlic, mushroom), then add the corn (making sure to not add the juice), add the black beans (you can add a little bit of the bean sauce its too good to leave out), add the tomatoes, and top it all off with the chicken. You can be fancy and add each to their own corner with the chicken in the middle or you can top one layer on top of the other. What ever floats you boat. This is your meal and you are the one eating it. Make it your OWN. 

NOTE: I did not add lettuce to this prep because it is a prep. Meaning it will sit in the fridge and the lettuce will get soggy and wilt. What you can do is add the lettuce to its own container and bring it with you and assemble when your gonna eat it. 




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