Whats to Eat Pt. 2

Earlier this week we went over a few groups to pay attention to when going to the grocery store. It may have been scary at first but as we read on we saw there was nothing to worry about. Today we are going to finish off our grocery list adding some more groups like Good Carbs, Healthy Fats, and Seasonings. Yes even though we are eating healthy our meals still need to be seasoned.

As we can see this isn't has hard as we once believed. Now that we have a good list to work with and some examples of things to get, making a trip to the grocery store isn't such a scary thought, Actually it turns out to be rather fun, Once you have your list in hand the possibilities are endless. The amount of meals we can create and pay around with tell us that happy days are ahead. So let's get to it:

Grains/Good Carbs - just about every food has carbs in it. The key is knowing the good from the bad. We want to stay away from white starchy carbs and eat carbs that are loaded with nutrients

Healthy Fats - When adding fats to our plates and bodies we want to make sure they are building us up and not slowing us down.

Seasonings/Condiments - this is indeed a tricky area. The key is not to get prepackaged seasonings loaded with salt and other additives. When cooking rememberto add seasonings that are natural and you can pronounce. Stick to fresh and dried herbs as will as grinding your own salt and pepper.

Remember if you have any dietary restrictions .... FOLLOW THEM

Share what your completed grocery list looks like ... Drop it in the comments below !!!

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