What To Eat Pt. 1

On this lifestyle transformation things can be smooth sailing one day and then the next its time to go to the grocery store. Then your world falls apart. Because going to the grocery store seems like such a task. We believe that we have to buy everything healthy and it has to be from them expensive health food stores. HELP IS ON THE WAY.

I had the same thought. It was such a daunting task to not only come up with meal to cook that were healthy but to actually leave the house and buy it ... where is the humanity. HELP IS ON THE WAY. Once I got over the fact that I had to put pants on and leave the house, I realized that planning is my greatest tool. And planning when it comes to shopping is a handy dandy GROCERY LIST. Yes, a grocery list. The same thing you hated to see your mother to pull out when you went shopping cause that ment you would be in the store all day, is now your best friend.

So you can wipe the sweat off your forehead and relax. We will go over the various groups to pay attention to when shopping and some things that you can buy to fill those groups. I will break this up into a two day post so you have time to reflect and figure out what you actually what to add to your cart/basket.

Today, we will go over Fruits, Vegetables, Protein, and Dairy ... yes you can still have dairy

Fruits - there are many restrictions when it comes to fruits. They are a natural sugar so they are easily absorbed by the body. But let's be clear its is till a sugar so don't go crazy.  

Vegetables - when picking veggies you want to add as many colors a possible and make sure to get leafy greens. You want to add some variety so that you meals don't get bland and you get bored.

Protein - this is a very important part of the shopping trip. You want to focus on LEAN proteins. I know the fatty meats taste great but we are looking for healthy substitutes that will still give us a ton of flavor.

Dairy - this is still allowed when making the transition  into a healthy lifestyle. The difference is we are making healthy substitutes. So no more whole fat milk with the red top ... we will be drinking other things now.

***Important: if you have ANY dietary concerns or restriction please follow them. Don't get crazy and throw caution to the wind. If there are certain foods you should not be eating don't eat them. If you have food allergies make sure your still paying attention to them.

Here are some Examples of each group:

You can pick as many as you like from the various groups

Show me the start of your grocery list in the comments below. Drop the List !!!

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