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Tracking What I Ate Made a Big Difference

The things that we eat have a huge effect on our bodies. Some cases its allergic reactions. Some cases its bloating. Sometimes it’s a crazy break out. If you are like me you suffer from all of these things. I have to watch just about everything that I eat. Now I will admit that at first this was a true pain in the back side. It seemed like no matter what I ate I was bloating and having some type of allergic reaction. And it felt like no matter what I stopped eating I was suffering from the same thing. I even made appointments to take allergy test to “get to the root of the issue”. I was serious. But truthfully that didn’t even help. The things I were allergic to had no effect on me and the things that were fine in life sometimes caused issues and sometimes didn’t. I was a confused mess. But I had to make a change and I had to start from somewhere.

Part of that start was tracking down what I ate. So I created a food journal

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