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Even with the summer right around the corner and Spring being ever so present, we may feel a need to “go harder” with our fitness routine. And in our rush we may get a little messy and less aware of our actions. We got the eye of the tiger and we aint playing any games.

With this new found focus its important that we are still respecful of the people around us and our surrounding. Most people use their time gym time as a time to relax, relate and release. So they dont want you coming in all hot and being super annoying.

Honestly would you to be starting off your day or just finishing your work day, and the equipment is all cruddy and the person next to you is all over their phone on social media or having some type of loud convo. I’m sure NOT. For about 99.9% of people that go to the gym, its a place that you have a whole different level of focus. Your mindset is all about crushing goals, whether they be fitness goals or daily goals, It all goes down in the gym.

Lets us time a little time to make sure that it is a pleasant experience for EVERYONE!

Gym Etiquette

Try not to be messy

No sing-a-longs

Give others space

The gym isn’t speed dating

Try not to be so loud (Grunting)

Don’t hog machines

Clean machines when your done

Mind your B.O.

No recording others without permission

Clear the squat rack

Keep the locker room private (phone/video calls)

Leave space at the weights

Don’t throw your weights

Don’t take up space playing on social media

What have you seen at the gym that is really poor Gym Etiquette? What will you be doing going forward to make sure you are practicing good Gym Etiquette??

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